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Strategic Partnerships: Solving the Challenges of Tomorrow

As Pro Global continues to grow its global partner relationships,CEO Steve Lewis looks at the benefits of successful partnerships for clients and business partners


June 21, 2021

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From specialists in augmented intelligence to military-level cyber security experts, Pro enjoys a number of varied partnerships spanning many disciplines and territories – and we have more planned for the future.

In fact, Pro is looking to position itself as a leading go-to platform ecosystem for strategic partnerships in the global re/insurance industry. We recognise that the complexities of today’s operating landscape and pace of change require a range of transformative solutions that no one party can credibly deliver.

It’s this recognition that has led Pro to evolve its own offering to incorporate a range of strategic partnerships that blend Pro’s deep practitioner-led expertise with a range of partnered technology, data and analytical solutions: a win-win for clients, our partners and Pro.

Regardless of the nature or region, the focused outcome of each partnership is the same: the goal is to expand the depth and breadth of capability and unique expertise that Pro is able to offer clients – bringing value-add to them, as well as to Pro’s business stakeholders partners themselves.

Practitioner-led expertise

On their own, our strategic partners are experts in their respective fields, but do not necessarily have the depth of practitioner knowledge and on-shore scale required to effectively meet the extensive and varied needs of clients in the re/insurance market.

For instance, a lot of technology transformation fails not because of the core technology, but through lack of understanding of what is being transformed. Partnering with Pro allows that practitioner-led capability to de-risk the transformation.

In fact, we’ve seen very successful blending of capabilities in the bespoke technology solutions that we support as implementation partners for London Market clients. This co-joining brings much more informed solutions and smoother implementations to the London Market and in those cases where we have not been the implementation partner,our audit practice offers the opportunity for post implementation health checks.


Implementation and transformation partners

At the same time we have our own bespoke technology platform in our data cleansing augmented intelligence technology CAI, which we build in association with AI experts AnalyCat.

This partnership goes beyond implementation to providing a practitioner-led data cleansing & augmentation offering that can be provided as part of a managed service or as a SaaS solution, which we are in the process of scaling in the market.

We are also exploring how to harness our unparalleled scale in the UK employers liability and public liability insurance market, and are developing a new joint venture market proposition which we will talk more about soon – watch this space!

Similarly, exciting developments are afoot in Germany, where we are exploring technology partnerships to support market delivery in the management of disability claims.

Our strategic partners benefit from our unique multi-territory offering that allows full market access across divisions – from MGA incubation to claims management, underwriting services, financial and technical accounting, and audits. Our scale is combined with our local, expert practitioner-led insights and relationships.

Addressing tomorrow’s challenges today

A key part of our rationale is not only building out a successful set of transformative partnerships for today’s challenges, but also to address more effectively the opportunities that allow our clients to excel in the market of tomorrow.

We recognise that the world we operate in is changing fast, and this pace of change – including the ever-evolving application of new technologies – is fundamentally altering business operating models. This has never been truer than in the last 12 to 15 months where covid has driven a step change, an acceleration in digital adoption opening up a range of threats to be addressed and opportunities to be harnessed.

Against that backdrop, there is a reflection that you can’t be the best at everything and, to my mind, the most successful organisations focus on what they are good at and most confident in – and draw in expert capabilities externally to amplify their offering. At Pro, we are able to combine global expertise with local knowledge and expertise to help companies achieve their strategic ambitions.

Setting the strategic partnership benchmark

We recognise the value of our own expertise, but also the expertise of niche businesses that are solving adjacent challenges that our clients face. So in continuing to build out our partner ecosystem, our ambition is to set the benchmark for what successful strategic partnerships in the global re/insurance consultancy and outsourcing arena look like.

It is our deep market understanding that allows us to work with strategic partners in a symbiotic way that helps them deliver their specific insights and capabilities where they are needed most. After all, the best strategic partnerships are true joint propositions that harness the skillsets of both organisations to focus on the benefits and value-add to the end client.

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