Our Business.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop a worldwide ‘hub & spoke’ MGA incubator platform. This will create a specific underwriting cell based approach in the identified areas of growth potential. Each cell will write business in identified target markets agreed with Pro.MS.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to operate an independent MGA cell platform for underwriters, underwriting teams, capacity providers and broker partners that are looking to establish or develop an MGA.

We are committed to achieving the expected launch date and operational support to each underwriting team. We operate to:

  • Manage costs within an agreed margin
  • Provide underwriting management for capacity partners to achieve underwriting profit
  • Conduct underwriting reviews and control mechanisms to the highest standards
  • Deliver full transparency with all partners
  • Use technology to maximise operating efficiency.

Support Services Overview

Pro.MS provides a full infrastructure platform to set up and run an MGA encompassing:

  • Underwriting Management controls & MI suite
  • Capacity delivered via broker partners
  • Potential seed and acquisition capital
  • Business Development and Marketing advice and support.

Our flexible and tailored operational support structure includes:

  • London, out of London and off-shore back office resources
  • Financial and Accounting support
  • Compliance infrastructure and support
  • Underwriting Systems and IT support.

Recognising that each MGA cell is different, our Target Operating Model (TOM) delivers a flexible, ‘choice’ approach that embraces both in-house resources and ‘best of breed’ external partners. Its objective is to achieve efficiencies comparable with the highest market standards.