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Why choose Pro?

As specialised risks and policies increase, claims management gets more complex. It’s not feasible to employ all the specialist expertise you might need in house to achieve good outcomes.

Whatever your specialist focus we have the expertise to manage, simplify and streamline highly specialised claims operations. Take advantage of our efficiencies and economies of scale, to achieve improved financial planning, better cash flows and a healthier balance sheet.

  • Legacy claims and run-off solutions
  • Employers’ and public liability (EL/PL) specialist
  • Lloyd’s and London market claims handling and operational support
  • Peer reviews and strategic advisory
  • Due diligence and post M&A transition services
  • Post close audit and governance
  • Claims and portfolio outsource management
  • Operations and data transformation services
  • Auditing delegated claims functions

Legacy claims and Run-Off solutions

Pro enables you to take a more proactive approach to managing legacy liabilities. Combining deep expertise in legacy claims management with specialist claims technology, we have developed a proven approach to legacy portfolio management that allows you to put all your focus back on your core business.

Contact us for help with:

Strategic advice on legacy portfolio; deal due-diligence; front-end inwards legacy claims management and scalable back-office support; data solutions, operational transformation, reserve analysis and actuarial review, broker replacement; run-off reinsurance; regulatory compliance reporting; ProTucket US Insurance Business Transfer platform.

Employers’ and Public Liability (EL/PL)

Our experts manage all of your claims needs, including complex disease, illness and claims that are sensitive in nature and can advise on best strategies for your portfolio, as well as streamline your processes to reduce friction for you and your claimants. We focus on speed of achieving the right outcomes, while treating your policy holders and claimants fairly at all times.

Contact us for help with:

Streamlining claims processes; complex employers’ liability and disability claims; claims reserving; reducing legal costs; EL claims outsourcing or technology platforms; legal/technical help with challenging cases. Read more here

Specialist Claims Handling & Admin

We help you simplify procedures, reducing operational costs while delivering excellent customer experience. We also provide surge resources to cover peak periods of claims activity. Our experts work proactively, freeing up your claims personnel to focus on other activities.

Contact us for help with:

Negotiating with policyholders and cedants; independent arbitration and litigation advice; reserve analysis and portfolio review; technical support such as triage and indexation; evaluation, critiquing and negotiation of policy buy-backs and commutations.

Specialist Claims Platforms

For complex liability and legacy claims we use Pelican, our end-to-end digital claims platform. Pelican offers an integrated platform which creates a single version of the truth, automates processes, increases efficiency, removes duplication, improves lifecycle and reduces operational costs.

Contact us for help with:

Our Pelican platform is a simple system that is exposure claims based, not policy based. It includes underlying business logic for exposure driven claims, removal of duplication and flexible MI. To book a demo email

Peer Reviews & Claims Audits

Our market-leading claims audits can help to improve claims management performance, while ensuring compliance with processes and standards. We are accredited Lloyd’s Claims File reviewers (CFR) and can provide robust management information on adherence to both corporate and regulatory standards.

Contact us for help with:

Delegated claims audits; claims peer reviews; Lloyd's claims file reviews; claims leakage or loss audits; reserving reviews; third party claims audits (TPA & DCA); claims due diligence.
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Country-specific Specialist Solutions

We know that different markets can have different specialisms. We’ve spent 28 years tailoring our specialist expertise for multiple markets and languages.

Case Study

Landmark outsourcing arrangement

Aviva and its reinsurer Swiss Re entered into an agreement to transfer the financial liability attaching to Aviva’s legacy Employers’ Liability (EL) book to Swiss Re under a reinsurance arrangement. As part of this transaction, they needed a robust claims handling partner capable of processing the thousands of complex EL and Public Liability (PL) claims received every year.


Do you have a claims need you want to chat over? Every business challenge is different and so are the plans we need to put in place to make your operation more successful.

Contact us for an initial chat:

Steve Lewis
CEO & Group Head of Claims

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