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At Pro, our Cyber Audit Practice is truly unique and provides our clients with a wide range of cyber and information security services.

Our specialist (re)insurance and cyber security experts work collaboratively with insurers to provide solutions that combine the most current best practices with mitigating controls.


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Identification and mitigation of cyber attacks

The increasing sophistication of cyber criminals, frequency of major cyber attacks and the greater regulatory emphasis on data protection can make it challenging for insurers to understand their exposure to cyber risks and data breaches. Cyber security risks are constantly evolving, making it easy for a business to fall behind. Without an awareness of the technology necessary to protect against cyber attacks and to protect a businesses’ digital footprint, there is increased risk to the business. The implementation of GDPR means it is even more important to ensure data is correctly stored, handled and protected. Effective management of a business’ cyber exposure can reduce reputational harm risk and minimise potential for financial sanctions. The biggest vulnerability for a business is poor education, training and preparation.

Headed by Pro Global Global Head of Infosec Richard Robertson, and launched in partnership with cyber and information security services experts Cyber Security Associates (CSA), Pro’s Cyber Audit Practice is truly unique. As well as partnering with CSA to provide 24/7 monitoring of a business’ systems to identify potential attacks, we have (re)insurance SMEs and cyber security experts who can work collaboratively with insurers to provide the only shared knowledge solution by a UK company

Our ‘no stone unturned’ approach combines current best practices with mitigating controls.

Other Cyber Audit Practice services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Cyber claims handling
  • User awareness training
  • Risk/compliance assessment
  • Emerging threat discovery & development of preventative measures
  • Defining & implementing processes in accordance with legal/regulatory requirements
  • Calculation of business interruption losses
  • Physical security assessment
  • Managed security service provider

Working with you.

We take a partnership approach – we’ll work with you to ensure your organisation and your stakeholders within your insurance distribution chain are protected from the risk of a cyber breach.

Protecting your reputation.

We understand that cyber security and organisational reputation go hand in hand, with that in mind we’ll ensure you’re strong on both fronts.

Keeping you compliant.

We define and implement processes in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements to ensure that you always stay compliant.

Why Pro?


We help you implement current best practices with mitigating controls to reduce your exposure to both major incidents and to minor cyber crime.


Along with our partner, Cyber Security Associates, we can provide 24/7 automated technical monitoring and extended office working hours for access to cyber analysts.


We’re skilled in incident management and response, threat intelligence, vulnerability management and regulatory compliance so you don't have to be.