Cleansing Augmented Intelligence (CAI).

Turbo-charge your underwriting performance.

Re-fuel your risk engine and turbo-charge your underwriting performance

Every year, the insurance sector manually’ cleanses (and re-cleanses) data from millions of exposure schedules or Statements of Value (SOVs).

This key stage in the risk management journey is operationally inefficient and expensive.

Pro’s Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), have built CAI (Cleansing Augmented Intelligence), a platform that optimises data cleansing.

CAI is focused on cleansing the SOV data for land based property risk that feeds your catastrophe and exposure models, transforming the speed and accuracy of the data; the fuel that powers your proprietary modelling outcomes.

Transform the fuel that allows you to focus on your proprietary modelling quicker.

CAI is the only solution that fixes the data-input, not data-output part of the process.


schedules already cleansed


only the fields that have changed


one schema into multiple formats


the more you use it

Cleansing augmented Intelligence (CAI).

Developed for the market by Pro’s Subject Matter Experts.


Cleanse More Quickly


Augment More Accurately


Inject More Flexibly

Upgrade to high performance data

Much like a turbo engine, data cleansing output performance relies on the fuel and engineering that creates and drives it. Our combination of CAI and SME outputs high quality data to inform and optimise drive your underwriting performance.

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Comprehensive market solution

Our subject matter experts have designed CAI to power data cleansing into a flexible multi-use product.

Our Partner

CAI is supported by our strategic partner and AI specialist, Analycat.