Pro Data Solutions.

Unlocking the value of your data.

Generate strategic insights

Insurers are well aware of the value of their data for the purpose of improving operational efficiency and service delivery. But realising the value of data isn’t often easily achieved for a multitude of reasons.

Pro can help you make the best use of the information you have available so that you’re generating insights which can be applied strategically throughout your organisation.

Our team brings together specialised data expertise in areas of strategy, governance, analysis and testing, helping you fully understand your data in the context of transforming your business.

Our approach includes the integration of data and analytics technologies, environments, and advanced infrastructures that are the most compatible with your data, technology and business objectives.

Our Data Services offering delivers:

  • Strategic advice
  • Industry-specific data integration, reporting and predictive analytics
  • Improved transparency of information and in-house knowledge
  • A focus on facts and solutions
  • A practical solution

Working with you.

We take a partnership approach – we’ll work as an extension of your team, helping you to get the optimum value from your data.

Protecting your reputation

We understand that data security and organisational reputation go hand in hand – we’ll ensure you’re strong on both fronts.

Keeping you compliant.

We define and implement processes in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements to ensure that you always stay compliant with data laws.

Discover the power of CAI

Learn how our Cleansing Augmented Intelligence (CAI) platform can enable you to process faster, smarter and produce more accurate data.

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