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Digital Transformation Solutions

Our Propel Automation team are experts in delivering efficiency through
robotics, automation and other tools supporting digital transformation.

Automation can increase productivity by up to 60%

Discover the difference that digital transformation can make for your business by leveraging our Robotic Process Automation (RPA), digital tools and processes.

Propel Automation offers a comprehensive approach to digital transformation for enterprises of all scales.

Implement 360° Solutions

We offer full Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation customized for SMEs, freeing up your team from repetitive tasks and ensures a seamless automation architecture. Over time, Propel Automation, in conjunction with Pro Global’s Digital Services ecosystem, will evolve its toolkit. This expansion will draw on a broad range of market tools and technologies to address your specific needs. We are dedicated to enabling the capture of more precise and timely data, a crucial element with numerous downstream benefits and value for our clients, and when necessary, we will also incorporate partnered solutions to ensure we deliver optimal results.

Automation - RPA Centre of Excellence

Leveraging Automation Anywhere’s renowned software, we identify, assess, and produce top-tier automation solutions. Our consultants are Master, Advanced, and IQ Bot certified on Automation Anywhere platforms, ensuring consistent outstanding service.

Training and Mentorship

Beyond implementation, we empower your company with the knowledge needed to sustain and expand your automation initiatives. Upskill your team with the best RPA Solution training on the Automation Anywhere platform. Additionally, 
Beyond implementation, we empower your company with the knowledge needed to sustain and expand your automation initiatives. Upskill your team with the best RPA Solution training on the Automation Anywhere platform. Additionally, we establish a knowledge-sharing hub for best practices, support, and research among your employees.

Data Driven Insights

For the re/insurance sector, being data-driven is not just a choice; it's a strategic imperative. Insurance businesses must harness the power of data to make more informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, exercise better oversight, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Data-driven insights enable insurers to accurately assess risks, pricing, and underwriting, thereby improving underwriting profitability. It is the mission of Propel Automation and the Pro Global Digital Services ecosystem to empower our data-driven industry to grow, evolve and succeed.

Automate the Future: The Power of RPA Solutions

Imagine long, tedious processes completed in moments. Propel Automation introduces the future of work – “Digital Assistants”.

They operate just like your employees, but at an unparalleled scale and speed, running 24/7 without restructuring your existing systems. By removing the mundane tasks, you not only save costs but also boost innovation, productivity, and staff morale.

Why Propel Automation?

Innovative Solutions

Leading Robotic Process Automation SaaS Solution.

Zero Entry Barriers

Begin your journey without hurdles.


Low entry cost and no need for infrastructure re-organisation.


Our team consists of Automation Anywhere Master and Advanced certified developers.

About Propel Automation

In an era where 57% of SMEs worry that big business RPA adoption might push them out of the market, Propel Automation stands as a beacon. We're passionate about a more efficient, innovative, and productive work environment where employees thrive.

By offering zero-barrier, low-cost SaaS Automated Solutions, we’re making sure that everyone, irrespective of their business size, gets a fair shot at the future.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Propel Automation holds the Cyber Essentials certification, a government-backed endorsement of our commitment to safeguarding your data. This certification ensures that we have robust cybersecurity measures in place, reducing risks, enhancing data protection, and building trust among our clients. By choosing us, you benefit from a secure and reliable partner who prioritises your security, aligns with industry standards, and offers a competitive edge in the market.

Automation Anywhere

Our ethos revolves around hard work, friendliness, professionalism, and partnership. And with our solid partnership with Automation Anywhere, the leading global provider of RPA Solutions, we've set a high benchmark in the industry.

“Propel Automation is a phenomenal organisation. Their focus on excellence, dedication to clients, and prowess in the intelligent automation sector make them invaluable for even the most intricate digital transformation initiatives.”

Armando Capogrossi, Senior Program Manager at Automation Anywhere


Understand the potential of a Digital Worker first hand with a brief consulation and well provide a concise video demonstrating our automation capabilities. 

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