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We know that different insurance markets require different specialisms. Every territory has its own regulatory and compliance landscape and unique risks. That’s why we have spent 28 years tailoring our specialist expertise for multiple markets and languages. 

Pro has been operating in across the USA for 18 years. With our team covering all time zones, we have local experts in both the regulatory landscape and the specialist insurance policies that are unique to the USA backed by the global reach to support multi-territory operations. We use our expertise to advise, implement, outsource or audit your insurance operation wherever you trade.

Our US team offer a broad range of global services, across policy admin, claims management and technical accounting. On this page you will find details of the services specific to the USA only. To see the full range of services provided by Pro Global, click below, or simply contact us for a chat.

Additional USA specific services


True legal and financial finality for run-off business. Achieve finality on legacy portfolios.

Historically, it’s been on insurers to achieve legal and financial finality on non-core and legacy portfolios. This has limited carriers’ ability to efficiently manage their portfolios and improve capital efficiency.

ProTucket was the first dedicated run-off carrier to be granted a license in the United States specifically for the purpose of performing Insurance Business Transfer (IBT’s). As a result, we can provide a complete solution to carriers seeking finality.

ProTucket has developed proprietary techniques designed to bring together insurance carriers with a loss portfolio to transfer and reinsurers and capital providers to provide capacity.

With 25 years’ experience managing IBT’s and advising on and managing run-off portfolios, you can be assured of true legal and financial finality for run-off business.

ProTucket services:

  • Create and file the Insurance Business Transfer
  • Provide the carrier to accept the transfer (ProTucket)
  • Identify capacity and reinsurance for the book after the transfer
  • Deliver full claims management and run off services going forward.

US Audit Services

Our specialist experts provide tailored claims, coverholder or technical audits, in multiple languages, with tangible recommendations from practitioners in your field.

This is not just a box ticking exercise using contractors; we’re a team of experts who can talk you through each stage of the process.

Visit our US Audit Team page below

Meet the USA team today

Julie Osborn

VP, Operations and Strategic Initiatives


Albert Miller

General Counsel


Ken Hutchinson

Senior Auditor


Eileen Lubold

Senior Claims Specialist


Maria Postupak



Katherine Gordon



Karen Burmeister

Accounting Manager


Lorena Alvarez Navarrete

Senior Reinsurance Manager


Claude Miller Jr

Reinsurance Manager


Jane Vasilo

HR Manager


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