Global MGA Solutions from Pro

We enable the vision for your MGA
(with expert advice and specialist implementation)

An MGA incubation partner that scales with your ambition

Pro MGA Global Solutions offers an equal blend of business & technical skills. 

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, underwriter or an insuretech, we’re the perfect partner to complement you.

Entrepreneurial Support

Set up, guidance & regulatory oversight that enables your MGA to flourish  

Operational Support

Underwriting oversight expertise & regulatory platforms that enable your MGA to trade

Support for every stage of your MGA

Design your business

We provide guidance on the creation of your new MGA concept. We use a creative and rigorous discovery processes to check its feasibility before you invest fully. We can then design the right products and support structure to realise your vision and introduce the capital partners you will need to make it grow.

Enable you to trade

We provide an independent risk-incubation solution. We provide the regulatory platform and oversight frameworks that will allow you to insure your clients in a price-sensitive way, grow a sustainable business and maximise the returns from your underwriting strategy. Via our sister company's (Pro Global) full suite of operational consulting, outsourcing and audit services are at your disposal.

Govern regulatory compliance

We provide delegated authority oversight and management. You access our regulatory and oversight controls and systems for real-time compliance. Someone from our leadership team will sit on your board to ensure that your risk capital requirements are met and your business is trading in a compliant manner.

Facilitate an exit/acquisition

We focus on applying innovation to enable each MGA cell to achieve an ‘end game’ capital event from the incubation period. We build aligned interests, facilitate capital investment at different stages of the business plan and deliver new business in the cell’s target markets using our extensive market contacts.

Program-manage your portfolio

Facilitation and Porfolio Management

As well as offering start-up and existing MGA incubation and support services, we also offer  facilitation solutions (known as Program or Portfolio Management in some global territories). 

This includes Portfolio Oversight for Inwards Distribution Partners to simplify placement and Product Distribution for Risk Capital Partners.

We have locally-based, authorised MGA Program Manager Platforms in three territories today (Pro MGA Solutions Limited in UK, Pro MGA Solutions Europe GmbH in Europe, Pro MGA Inc in the USA) with more currently being developed across EMEA and LatAm.

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Specialist Experts

Our team have extensive experience of the Lloyd’s and London company markets across a wide range of disciplines in brokers, service providers and insurers. They have highly relevant expertise in the MGA arena across international platforms.

Our know-how enables us to help MGAs establish themselves without fuss and avoid the pitfalls as they develop, grow and potentially realise a capital event.


Got a vision for your MGA but don’t know where to start? Every business challenge is different and so are the plans we need to put in place to make your operation more successful.

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Pro MGA Global Solutions

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