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Neil Paterson

Facilitation Manager



Neil, an industry professional with over 30 years of experience in the insurance sector, joined Pro MGA Solutions three years ago with a specific focus on bolstering the Facilitation offering and supporting Incubation solutions. In his role, he collaborated with developers to construct the proprietary Facilitation Portal and implemented all supporting Operating Model processes.

Neil’s meticulous approach ensures full compliance, including real-time, quality Management Information (MI) delivery to Capacity providers. His extensive expertise spans various facets of the insurance field, with the last two decades dedicated to diverse roles within the Pro Global Group, including Consulting, Business Analysis, IT, and Project and Change management.

Neil’s commitment to precision and attention to detail reflects in his unwavering dedication to meeting clients’ requirements. Known for his willingness to initiate projects from a blank canvas, Neil excels in defining optimum regulatory operating models for MGA clients, demonstrating a proactive and strategic approach in driving success for Pro MGA Solutions.

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