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Hannah Brambani’s journey at Pro

What do you do in your role?

As Head of Operational Performance, I am accountable for driving and measuring operational metrics including gross margin, utilisation and ultimately P&L profitability. Working across all of Pro, I often work closely with our Heads of Verticals, Operations managers, and Executive team to strategise operational challenges, drive consistency in operational processes and initiate business projects to gain efficiencies. 

What is one thing you love about your job?

The diverse nature of operational challenges, meeting client needs and exploiting new technologies allows me to constantly deepen my knowledge and understanding of both technical Insurance and Operational delivery.  I also enjoy collaborating with lots of different people across the business, sometimes in different countries which gives me many different perspectives. Working in organisational change means no two days are the same, which I love. 

How has Pro helped you develop your career?

I started my career in Pro as a business analyst, exploring the use of robotics in Insurance. Since then, with the help of experts within Pro, my career has gone from strength to strength. I believe the collaborative culture and exposure to a variety of complex business challenges has enabled me to hone critical thinking alongside technical Insurance knowledge.

Furthermore, the business invests in their staff through supporting various courses and professional study which I have used to further broaden my knowledge.  

What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Pro?

If you are looking for a challenge, are passionate about change and want to work with some great people then Pro is the place to be!

Use 3 words to describe what you need to be successful in your job?