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Unallocated cash

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Are you grappling with unallocated cash, uncorrelated cash, unmatched cash, or unreconciled cash in your insurance operations? This financial challenge is a common pain point for underwriters, reinsurers, and brokers. It's complex, long-standing, and can have far-reaching consequences for your business. Managing unallocated cash is not just good business practice; it's also a compliance requirement.

If you're facing stretched resources and a shortage of experienced staff that lead to unallocated cash issues, Pro is here to help. We offer a unique outsourcing solution tailored to the (re)insurance industry.

Our expert teams worldwide are renowned for their ability to tackle complex issues, and we specialise in underwriting support, broker services, claims management, technical accounting, and regulation and compliance. We offer solutions through outsourcing, consultancy, and audit, ensuring your business stays on track.

We've harnessed industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a methodical approach that benefits reinsurers, insurers, intermediaries, brokers, and MGAs across the insurance market. Our mission is to help you take control of your unallocated cash challenges, streamline your operations, and maximise your business potential.

Why choose Pro Global

Targeted support

a unique outsorcing solution tailored to the reinsurance industry

Global expertise

with worldwide specialist teams

Technology enabled

to optimise efficiency

Strategical solutions

for complex problems

Why Pro Global has the team you want to work with

Pro is a market leader with over 30 years’ of experience in providing expert-led (re)insurance solutions. Our reputation is built on being the trusted outsource partner for global insurance groups, major reinsurers, Lloyd’s Syndicates, top brokers, and global P&C companies. We have a proven track record of bringing clarity and operational efficiency, from resolving unallocated cash to addressing technical and procedural cash management issues.


We offer a specialised team equipped with technical accounting expertise and access to insurance consultancy, transition, and transformation services. Our approach is designed to improve the use of new technology and minimise disruptions to your core business. We can structure teams with Project Management, ensuring quality monitoring, performance, and efficient resolution of unallocated cash projects.

Case Study

Unallocated Cash

Our client had six legacy ledgers with considerable values and volumes of unallocated cash.

“Our approach involved drawing on resources from across the business, strategically located, to tackle the challenge of reconciling 6 legacy ledgers with significant amounts of unallocated cash.”


If you're facing stretched resources and a shortage of experienced staff that lead to unallocated cash issues, Pro is here to help.

Get in touch now and let's talk more about how we can work together.

Richard Emmett
Head of Insurance Services, UK

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