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Our specialist claims team

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Market leading subject matter experts combined with innovative technology solutions

Claims arising from Employers’ and Public liability often present complex challenges across a range of subjects. Sensitivities around the physical and mental impacts to claimants require specialist understanding to manage appropriately. As claims management gets more complex, it is increasingly difficult to maintain all the specialist expertise you might need to achieve the best outcomes in-house.

Whatever your complex claims issues, we have the expertise to manage and deliver market leading outcomes to the highest standards ensuring compliance with the regulatory regime. Take advantage of our proven expertise, specialist technology platform and significant operating efficiencies and economies of scale, to achieve improved results through better claimant experiences and healthier financial outcomes.

How we help to achieve best outcomes for your EL/PL claims

With 14,201 settled claims and £351 million valuation of open claims under current management, our 77 strong team manage nearly half of the Legacy EL/PL claims liabilities in the UK.
Our scale, in house expertise, processes and tech capabilities make us the partner of choice for Employer and Public liability claims in the UK.

14,201 settled claims

last year alone

77 team members

specialising in UK EL/PL claims

£351 million

valuation of open claims under management

Circa £6million

paid compensation to claimant’s last year

Pro has grown significantly in the UK EL/PL space to support an experienced team of subject matter experts and dedicated technology that enables us to extract value for clients via a range of operational savings, reduction of expenses, legal fees and targeted claims handling strategies developed through increasingly sophisticated data-led insights.

Mike Mackenzie – Head of Speciality Claims

Why Pro Global has the team you want to work with

Our claims management solutions help clients to secure a predictable and measured outcome. This has a positive impact on ultimate reserves, reduces capital requirements and protects their reputation by complying to conduct regulations.

Market leading SME solutions, supporting our clients with significant claims exposures.

Bespoke tech platform built to deal with UK EL/PL claims, optimised processes & auto admin.

Strong market facing leadership, supported by highly compliant teams and processes.

We help clients to meet their ELTO Tracing obligations.

Advisory and working group panels

Pro’s thought leadership within the claims management space is consolidated by our involvement with the following advisory bodies.

Industrial Disease Claims Working Party

Working with the insurance market to improve the customer journey

IRLA Legacy Committee

Working with the (re)insurance legacy market to deliver better outcomes for all

ABI Consultations

Representing clients’ interests across a range of consultations

Forum of Scottish Claims Managers

Achieving efficient and cost-effective management of claims and lobbying

Case Studies


Global (re)insurers assessing potential exposure to historic UK liability covers attracting asbestos related Mesothelioma claims.

Vicarious Liability

Global (re)insurers facing disputes over vicarious liability claims and seeking to navigate the evolving legal landscape around vicarious liability claims to achieve fair outcomes.


Our scale, expertise, processes and smart technology capabilities make us the partner of choice for Employer and Public liability claims in the UK.

To understand what Pro Global can do for you, let’s discuss your requirements.

- Independent assessment of your claims processes and pain points
- Transformation to reduce costs and deliver better outcomes
- Driving efficiencies, optimisation and savings

Contact our Head of Specialist Claims for an initial chat about our claims services capabilities:

Mike Mackenzie
Head of Specialist Claims

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