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Intergrated Claims Peer Review

Enhancing your claims management process

Are you facing challenges in your claims management process? Many insurance professionals struggle to find independent resources that provide assurances on risk, audit, and compliance when testing if their claims controls are working effectively and are fit for purpose.

It can also be difficult to identify and implement best practices across all claims operations, especially if there is a lack of in-house skills and resources.

How we help you to achieve best outcomes

At Pro, we understand the complexities of claims management and provide expert guidance to improve efficiency. Our experienced claims professionals deliver valuable insights to enhance best practices and oversight. Using our traffic light reporting methodology, we provide informed, concise advice and actionable recommendations to streamline your claims management.

Our integrated Claims Peer Review service is a joined-up solution that leverages our deep domain expertise to deliver benefits for all stakeholders. We provide assurance that claims are handled in accordance with your Claims Practice and Procedures document,  the Principles for doing business at Lloyd’s, Claims Scheme Process Guidelines, and CTP obligations.

Why choose Pro Global


claims reviewed per quarter

11 years experience

Actively performing Peer Reviews since 2011

Depth of talent

spread across the entire Pro business to support Peer Reviews

Customised content

to meet your information and reporting needs

Why Pro Global has the team you want to work with

Our expert Claims Adjusters have extensive experience conducting Claims Peer Reviews, ensuring your claims handling philosophy and procedures are identified and implemented. We use the latest trend analysis techniques and Power BI tools to provide granular information and real-time analysis. Our specialist teams offer independent, timely, and relevant assurance, identifying any control or systematic failures, and providing clear and focused actions for resolution. Don't let your claims pain points spiral! Seek independent assessment of your claims management processes, know what best practice looks like, and implement a process of continuous improvement. At Pro, we help you create bottom-line value by improving claims workflow and ensuring more accurate reserving. Let's meet to discuss your requirements and understand what Pro can do for you.

Experienced London Market Claims Adjusters

Latest trend analysis tools & Power BI

Accurate reserving and bottom line value creation

Improved claims workflows

Overcoming the challenges of claims management can be difficult, but at Pro, we provide expert guidance to help you achieve optimal outcomes. With our integrated Claims Peer Review service and traffic light reporting methodology, our specialist teams offer independent assurance and actionable recommendations to streamline your claims management.

Pervin Sivanathan - Head of Audit

Case Study

Claims Peer Reviews

This client required a strategic claims review to ensure that their internal claims team was adhering to the Principles for doing business at Lloyd’s and their own corporate standards.

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