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Talk to the Pros – issue 1

Our first issue with an introduction from our CEO, Steve Lewis, and insights into Cleansing Augmented Intelligence, Vicarious Liability and our brand relaunch.

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Data: Right is Might

Louisa Pavis, Head of Consulting at Pro Global, shares some insights on how insurers can get more from their data, and why it isn’t quantity […]

COVID-19 Claims Momentum will Continue

Causation remains king when it comes to understanding the anticipated wave of COVID-related liability claims. Mike Mackenzie, Head of Speciality Claims at Pro Global, assesses […]

Insurtech Insights 2022 with Danny Maleary, Pro MGA Global Solutions

Watch Danny Maleary, CEO of Pro MGA Global Solutions, at Insurtech Insights Europe as he explains the delicate relationship between Insurtechs and insurance incumbents. Maleary envisions […]