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Working in the Public Sector isn't easy

At Pro Global, we understand the four main challenges the Public Sector face:

Driving operational efficiencies in today's economic environment, can be a significant challenge and drain on resources across many Public Sector disciplines

The public sector is complex. There are a number of risks and inefficiencies. Strong controls are therefore essential to maximise the benefits of existing insurance arrangements to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

A fragmented market creates risks, disconnect, duplication of effort and inefficiencies.

Cyber, data security and other emerging risks create a significant challenge and a lack of a robust digital strategy will undermine effective risk management.


Pro Global offers you a fully integrated solution to these challenges

Our market positioning and subject matter expertise, allow us to take leading roles in a wide rage of working parties, enabling us toiinfluence, shape and stay ahead of market developments.
Our strategies are informed by data and enabled by Pelican software which strengthens controls and helps manage your claims spend.

Improved controls

Greater efficiency and cost savings

Market wide data insights

Improved claims outcomes

Case studies

Landmark outsourcing arrangement

Our clients needed a robust claims handling partner capable of processing thousands of complex claims per year.

Pelican Claims Management Software

A host of global reinsurers and legacy acquires operating in both the live and legacy EL/PL market

Working parties

Our market positioning and scale allows us to take leading roles in a wide range of working parties, enabling us to influence, shape and stay ahead of market developments.

A joined up approach

Together with our established partners and through our proprietary technology we integrate and optimise your claims management processes, driving operational efficiencies and reducing costs


Our scale, expertise, processes and smart technology capabilities make us the partner of choice for Employer and Public liability claims in the UK.

To understand what Pro Global can do for you, let’s discuss your requirements.

  • Independent assessment of your claims processes and pain points
  • Transformation to reduce costs and deliver better outcomes
  • Driving efficiencies, optimisation and savings

Contact our Head of Specialist Claims for an initial chat about our claims services capabilities:

Mike Mackenzie
Head of Specialist Claims

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