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Cyber Audit

Safeguard your business against cyber threats

Protecting your business against cyber threats

We understand that navigating the complexities of cyber risks can be challenging for clients. With the rise of highly sophisticated cyber criminals and frequent major cyber attacks, combined with the growing emphasis on data protection regulations, it can be difficult to determine underwriting exposure and pricing. That's why we help our clients fully comprehend their underwriting exposure and effectively protect their policyholders from cyber breaches.

 Our comprehensive approach makes it simpler for clients to understand the issues they may face when underwriting cyber risks and equips them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Trust us to provide you with the tools and expertise necessary to safeguard your business against cyber threats.

Collaborative solutions for cyber resilience

Working closely with our partner Cyber Security Associates (CSA), we work with our clients to protect their business against cyber threats.

Our team consists of seasoned (re)insurance experts and cyber security specialists who work together to offer a unique shared knowledge solution, exclusive to a UK company. Unlike general cyber security audits that provide only a surface-level overview of a business's cyber security, we offer a more in-depth analysis and tailored solutions to improve your cyber health.

With our partner, we provide round-the-clock monitoring of your systems to identify and mitigate potential attacks.

We understand that cyber security is a critical aspect of your business, and we are committed to providing the highest level of expertise and support to keep your business safe. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of cyber risks and safeguard your operations for the long term.

Why Pro Global has the team you want to work with

Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber Claims Handling

User Awareness Training

Risk/Compliance Assessment

Emerging Threat Discovery & Development of Preventative Measures

Defining & Implementing processes in accordance with legal/regulatory requirements

Calculation of the Business Interruption Losses

Physical Security Assessment

Managed Security Service Provider


Do you have an audit need you want to chat over? Not sure if we’re the right audit partner to help you?

Contact our Head of Audit for an initial chat about our claims services capabilities:

Pervin Sivanathan
Head of Audit

Our Partner - Cyber Security Associates

CSA is our trusted partner in cyber security assessments and training. As a specialised company, CSA is dedicated to helping clients understand and mitigate their exposure to cyber threats.

Their extensive range of cyber improvement solutions includes penetration testing, continuous protective monitoring, compliance and due diligence checks, email phishing campaigns, user awareness training, vulnerability assessments, and more. Additionally, CSA can assist your business in gaining cyber certification, such as ISO 27001, through gap analysis, information security management system review, GDPR adherence, audit, and risk services.

At CSA, they are always one step ahead of emerging threats through their active research and development, which enables them to identify and mitigate potential risks. Their 24/7 Security Intelligence and Operations Centre (SIOC) provides real-time support and insights through automated monitoring systems, with access to cyber analysts during normal office hours.

Our partnership with CSA means that your business can benefit from their expert knowledge and support to stay ahead of cyber threats, safeguarding your business against potential threats and ensuring the long-term resilience of your operations.

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