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Joleen's journey at Pro

What do you do in your role?

Treasury Assistant – Accounts Payable. 

My role within the treasury team is in the accounts payable department. I am responsible for receiving and logging invoices, forwarding them to the respective budget managers for approval and finally reconciling and making the payments.

What made you want to join Pro?

I received a call from the recruitment team as he had seen my CV on one of the job search websites and asked if I would like to attend an interview. Pro was, at the time looking for someone to join their treasury team and my experience matched their search criteria. On arriving at Pro for the interview, I was immediately made to feel both comfortable and welcome. I met with my manager and one of my work colleagues and we just ‘clicked’. I knew immediately that I would enjoy working for Pro.

What is one thing you love about your job?

Honestly, there is not one thing that I dislike about my job and it is difficult to pick just one thing that I love. To generalise though I think I’m extremely fortunate to work with an awesome team of people who get on exceptionally well and who work together with a common goal of making sure that the needs of our clients are met and that they are always put first.

Why would someone want to work in your team?

My team is interesting to say the least, but we are each so different not only in personality but because of our diverse backgrounds. Within my team we can speak 6 different languages fluently. British English, South African English, Afrikaans, German, Polish and Italian. Believe me, the two English languages though very similar, are vastly different. You can often hear talk of robots and traffic lights, traffic circles and roundabouts, takkies and trainers. All joking aside though, we all work with a common goal, we are one team, who constantly help, support and encourage each other.

How has Pro helped you develop your career?

As part of my job I cover annual, sick and study leave within the team, I have therefore done a lot of cross training in different areas within the finance team on both the client and corporate side. This has resulted in me gaining more knowledge and experience. Further to this I am sure there will be a few courses on the horizon as Pro are dedicated to helping advance, educate, develop and motivate their staff.

What would you tell a candidate to make them consider joining Pro?

There is so much development and career advancement potential at Pro and the company has a genuine and vested interest in their employees. Not only do they encourage learning and education, but there are so many mentors, people who are knowledgeable and experts in their fields available to assist and guide you along your career path.  Pro also has excellent benefits, a great pension scheme, private healthcare and life insurance. I would recommend Pro as an employer of choice to anyone. Who wouldn’t want to work for a professional company with great values and fantastic people. I am as excited to work for Pro today as I was the first day I walked through the door.

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