Mark Geoghegan interviews on.. Sports Injury - Pro Global

Mark Geoghegan interviews on.. Sports Injury

Steve Bellingham, Pro Global’s Head of Strategy, Disease and Injury, was recently interviewed by Mark Geoghegan, host of the popular Voice of Insurance podcast, to explore the hot topic of sports injury claims.


November 16, 2021

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Increasing volumes and severity of Sports Injury claims is an issue that is front-of-mind for many UK liability insurers, particularly in relation to the potential for sports head injuries developing into a new source of casualty claims.


There have been regular high profile news stories in the media covering ground-breaking medical research and legal rulings about the potential causal link between head injuries sustained while playing contact sports and devastating illnesses such as dementia.


Professional and amateur sports


Crucially, this does not simply relate to professional contact sports but amateur as well with popular sports such as football, rugby and boxing – with the potential to develop into mass tort and a significant new liability exposure as well as arguments about duty of care and causation.


Talking with Mark Geoghegan on the topic, Steve Bellingham commented: “The sports sector has always produced liability claims but what we are seeing now is a new tranche and a different type of claim that will carry with it its own particular complications and issues.


There have been a number of high profile cases reported in the media but what we are increasingly seeing are cases and claims involving allegations of the on-set of neurological conditions such as the early on-set of dementia – as a result of repeated events over time such as head injuries or impacts and concussion.


Insurers need to understand what their potential exposures might be on an historic basis as it looks as if there will be a lot of potential claimants and defendants out there. It is particularly important for carriers to secure the best and most knowledgeable subject matter experts to help them navigate through these highly complex issues.”


Listen to the full recording of this informative interview here.

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