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MGAs: attracting tentative risk capital providers into the market (Danny Maleary)

Watch the Intelligent Insurer panel discussion, looking into how MGAs: attract tentative risk capital providers into the market”, with James Gerry, chairman of MX Underwriting; Danny Maleary, chief executive officer of Pro MGA Global Solutions; and Chris Brown, executive vice president at Mosaic Insurance Company.


July 25, 2022

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A lot of risk capital providers want to move into the managing general agent (MGA) space but are not sure of the best way to move forward. These providers can also be nervous about backing the wrong MGA or are looking for a particular type of MGA. So how can MGAs persuade these providers and ensure it’s the right fit for both parties?

Who are these tentative capital providers, and why are they nervous? Follow the link below to read or watch the Intelligent Insurer panel discussion, titled “MGAs: attracting tentative risk capital providers into the market”, with James Gerry, chairman of MX UnderwritingDanny Maleary, chief executive officer of Pro MGA Global Solutions; and Chris Brown, executive vice president at Mosaic Insurance Company.


Preview clips below. Watch the full interview here

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