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The “zero” moment of the claim

Advising the insured at the time of the claim is the key to success in speeding up the settlement, says Sabrina Nieto, P&C Manager.


May 3, 2023

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Advising the insured at the time of the claim is the key to success in speeding up the settlement, says Sabrina Nieto, P&C Manager.

The time lag in claims settlements, linked to the current context in which the replacement of parts and repair of vehicles is difficult, calls into question the entire claims management process.

But beyond this situation, there are other aspects that can be improved to streamline claims handling.

At the time a claim occurs, it is necessary that those involved are clear about the scope of the insurance cover and protection, and know how to proceed administratively to activate it. Otherwise, they will move forward with uncertainty, leading to delays and higher, often unnecessary, costs.

The key to containing this deviation in the settlement of a claim is undoubtedly to provide the insured with comprehensive and effective advice at every stage of this development.

Not knowing what to do or how to do it causes errors in the paperwork, with a lack of information, unnecessarily slowing down the process and generating higher costs for insurers. Similarly, lack of knowledge can lead to the idea of wanting to involve an external lawyer, generating a higher cost for the insured, when in fact it is unnecessary.

Therefore, what happens at the zero point of a claim is key, and at Pro-Global we know this, because we are experts in claims settlement; we focus our attention on cases from their initial point.

We have been in the insurance market for 29 years, offering services at a national and international level, promoting adequate advice to the parties involved, to save money for our clients and the insurance companies.

At Pro-Global we have a value proposition to accompany the previous advice with the objective that the companies that work with us arrive at the ‘zero’ moment in the best possible position. We are the expert support to help our clients and your clients move up the ladder in this regard.

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