Enhancing the MGA talent pool with new minds - Pro Global

Enhancing the MGA talent pool with new minds

Emily Lewis will transfer from Pro Global to the MGA business effective 1 January 2024


December 12, 2023

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Enhancing the MGA talent pool with new minds

Finding talent is just one part of the equation. When Emily Lewis joined Pro Global in October 2020 – a time when the entire workforce was operating solely from home – it was clear the business had found a talented university graduate whose way of thinking brought fresh perspectives (note a first-class degree in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at the University of Birmingham).

But being able to realise and nurture talent is what sets companies apart. In just over three years, Emily – who joined the business as an Assistant Technician – moved into Project Management, working on a key client, and is now readying herself for a fresh challenge in the new year – taking on the Business Development Representative role for Pro MGA Global Solutions. This is a great example of how people at Pro can move between business divisions and functions to further their career within the Group.

It’s a role Emily feels she is ready for in the next step of her fledgling career. “The required skill set isn’t dissimilar to what is needed of me now within project management, but it’s a step up in responsibility and it comes at an opportune time for me,” says Emily.

“Speaking to Danny Maleary (CEO of Pro MGA Global Solutions), he’s talked about a pathway for me with the MGA business, and has highlighted the need to bring the next generation through to provide new minds and new ways of thinking. It’s exciting to be part of an ambitious business.”

For Emily, the MGA sector will be a new one, but she believes the grounding she’s had in her first three years at Pro will stand her good stead, and references the support she’s received and will continue to receive from all her colleagues. She also works from the office up to three days a week now, something she wasn’t able to do when she joined the business due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has found it enriching to be around her colleagues and feel the inclusive culture of the company.

With Emily, the Pro family has found, realised and nurtured a gem.

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Name: Emily Lewis
Job title: Business Development Representative (MGA)

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