Meet Mike Mackenzie Part One - Pro Global

Meet Mike Mackenzie Part One

Mike Mackenzie joined the Pro Global team in March. His mission? To help make Pro the first-choice claims supplier in the UK. Here we meet Mike to find out more about him, his life, and career so far – and of course – his plans for Pro


April 16, 2021

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 Raised in Telford, a “New Town” (known for its many roundabouts, ice rink and the Ironbridge). Mike grew up in a diverse and proud community. He was a child carer for his mother, a passionate advocate for diversity and, later on in life, he became active in a number of community organisations and political life. As a quick round up, he also loves going hiking, and – being a child of the 80’s – is an avid retro games collector.

Being naturally competitive, Mike has – in his own words – always been more of the “give me a pen, not a pencil type” of person; a quality which has served his educational career well, leading him to achieve degrees in Politics and Law, as well as Chartered Insurance Practitioner status.

Lightbulb moment

In early 2000, Mike embarked on a career in claims, working for claimant “no win, no fee” solicitors. The impact of ATE satellite litigation, however, was a steep learning curve, and having seen the good, the bad and the ugly of claims management companies, Mike made the decision to move into insurance.

Joining Zurich in 2005 was his first stepping stone into disease and illness claims, which have been an area of focus for him since. Starting out amongst the first wave of external recruitment into the newly formed Occupational Disease Claims Team, Mike later set up and led Zurich’s Global Corporate UK Team, before moving into a senior technical role dealing with referrals from the team, leading class actions and contributing to a number projects.

Ready for a new challenge, Mike joined BAI Claims Services in 2010, helping drive a full organisational transformation. As well as acquiring new clients, Mike and his team navigated the NIHL epidemic, and by 2014, the portfolio was a similar scale to some of Pro’s existing larger clients.

In 2017, Mike joined Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd, with significant exposure to public sector claims, where he drove further transformation and led the development of a bespoke claims-handling solution to support run-off and changing supplier arrangements.

So, why Pro?

With the transfer of the Enstar Team to Pro’s existing capability in UK EL/PL claims, Pro now has a scale (in terms of people and portfolios) which creates significant market opportunity; and for Mike, this was a challenge which he couldn’t pass up.

Pro is built on the determination to be the best claims supplier in the UK, and Mike’s experience will help us re-define and re-focus our operating models and activity, ultimately helping us create a market leading proposition that we can push forward and sell, unlocking global opportunities.

With Mike’s expertise, our talented team can drive value for our range of live and legacy clients and offer substantial value to prospective clients in the evolving UK EL/PL claims space.

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