Meet Mike Mackenzie: Part 2 - Pro Global

Meet Mike Mackenzie: Part 2

Mike Mackenzie looks at the state of play of the liability market and shares his plans for creating a market-leading claims proposition


May 7, 2021

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 If I was to provide a single observation about the UK Employers’ Liability and Public Liability market it would be this: it is competitive. The legacy market has consolidated significantly in recent years and that consolidation creates significant opportunity for our business. To thrive in this space, we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We need to scale up and focus, add value to our offering, and ultimately, we need to be the best.

Given our recent growth, and the additional scale that we are now able to leverage, we are in a position to consider and redefine what will make the most effective operating model across our UK claims vertical. My initial focus has been on reorganisation of the claims vertical to deliver a greater focus through increased specialisation of resource, whilst ensuring we are able to provide development pathways for our team. For H2 and beyond, our focus will be on technology; on driving increased efficiencies and strengthening controls through the development of smart system automation, and removing administration from the claims process.

But first we need to identify how we can add further value through the power of big data; in particular, by harnessing the power of data analytics to identify trends, track performance and drive better outcomes.

The aim of all this work is to create a market-leading software to support our team in adding the greatest possible value to our clients

People power

At Pro, there has always been a passion for helping people progress and has a proven track record in the UK EL/PL space. Our ambition is to be the best in class, the market-leading claims proposition and supplier of choice for those organisations that seek to develop strategic partnerships that enable them to focus on their core functions. Whilst this won’t happen overnight, through the ongoing training and development of our people, we can achieve these ambitions.

Reorganisation will be the first step in realising these plans, beginning with the creation of specialist claims handling teams, aligned to specific clients, to deliver client focussed services which leverage the strength and depth of talent in the wider business. Each team will work under the supervision of recognised SME’s, helping to not only encourage natural progression, but build out the depth of knowledge and core competences within the team structure.

We shall harness the capability of our most experienced market influencers and technicians in refocussed roles leading on claims strategy in the areas of Disease & Illness (Steve Bellingham), and Abuse & Care (Alan Metzger). Steve and Alan will work with me as Heads of Strategy in this key areas and coordinate with our Client Leads to ensure that all of our clients and people can capitalise on the substantial experience within our organisation. Focussing on these areas will also enhance our ability to influence change within the market.

In addition, our support functions will be reorganised within a new Central Services Team to ensure focussed support and administrative activities are delivered by a dedicated team in an efficient and consistent manner, allowing claims handlers to focus on the proactive approach to claims handling that generates the greatest value and best outcomes for our clients.

By implementing these measures, we will leverage our experiences and expertise throughout the business, and therefore drive the greatest value for our clients.

One team, one Pro

Managing any level of change in a business environment can be a challenge – especially when working from home – so, to reduce any periods of uncertainty, we have put together an ambitious timeline for 2021.

Structure can of course provide us with the framework to work within, while technology can release huge potential in terms of efficiencies, but at the end of the day, a business is only as good as its people. Our people will therefore be at the heart of our decision-making; from getting the right people into the right roles, to providing the right career paths and development routes for those who wish to progress.

Whilst COVID creates additional challenges, it can also provide additional opportunities. Pro’s proactive approach to adoption of working from home and willingness to embrace a hybrid working culture post-COVID, means that many of our opportunities are now location agnostic (removing potential barriers that may have previously existed and prevented people exploring wider development opportunities within our business). The business is growing, and there are many opportunities both within and outside the claims vertical.

From a UK EL/PL perspective, the transfer of the AVIVA and Enstar teams, supplemented with the recruitment of key individuals, has got us this far. This exciting next stage of our journey involves understanding how we best integrate the resources and skills we have and develop our operating model to ensure that we not only drive the best outcomes for the business, but for our people and customers too.

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