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Pro Global at 30: Pearls of Wisdom

As Pro Global prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, CEO Steve Lewis looks back at how the company has evolved over the past three decades and how it continues to support insurers, brokers and MGAs, both old and new.


May 30, 2023

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Since its inception in 1993, Pro Global has always been focused on delivering customised solutions for its clients. Starting out as a legacy outsourcing expert for the London Market, the company has since evolved into a global operation, offering specialist services including claims management, underwriting support, audit and advisory services, consulting implementation support, and technology solutions across the whole insurance value chain.

This focus has secured our reputation in the industry, and over the past 30 years of operation Pro has been recognised across the industry where it has grown a reputation as a trusted partner focused on delivering expert support, excellence in best practice and ground-breaking innovation.

Now in our 30th year – the pearl anniversary by tradition – our global presence now includes offices across the UK and Europe – including Horsham, London, Gloucester, Liverpool and Glasgow, plus two teams based in Cologne and Unna – as well as offices in the Americas (including the US city of York) and a growing number of LATAM regional teams operating in Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogota and Sao Paulo.

Investing in our future

But having an international reach is only half our story. We know that to succeed in this ever more digital and data-dependent world, having the right technologies and ability to adapt is critical.

So here are some pearls of wisdom we’ve learnt along the way, and that we will take with us as we continue to grow with focus and purpose in the years to come.

Firstly, we take investments in our tech very seriously. Over the last three decades we have invested in numerous technologies, including Pelican, our end-to-end digital claims platform built specifically for complex liability and legacy claims. Capable of absorbing data from legacy, paper-based and green screen systems, Pelican has been instrumental in ensuring smooth portfolio transfers and the releasing of redundant reserves.

Then of course there is STRIPE, our web-based allocation and distribution platform for post-bind transactions. Designed to streamline and simplify the management of ceded reinsurance – ensuring agile distribution, process transparency and direct settlement of premium and claims – STRIPE is proving vital for insureds, risk managers, cedents, brokers and carriers.

As well as helping streamline the claims process for our clients, our ability to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, has enabled us to develop ProTech, a cloud-based insurance platform that has enabled our clients to digitise their insurance operations for underwriting, policy administration, claims management and accounting.

And this isn’t the only support we offer. We have a dedicated team who provide underwriting support to clients – all by using the latest data analytics tools and techniques to provide insights into the insurance market. From a client perspective, we know this is vital when it comes to making informed underwriting decisions.

We also offer audit and consultancy services, which provide clients with expert guidance on a range of insurance-related issues including mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and risk management. And then of course we have our team of experts based at Pro MGA Global Solutions. Here, we offer expert guidance, specialist implementation and regulatory oversight to enable MGAs to not only trade, but to flourish. All in all, I think it is fair to say we offer a full circle of services.

Focus fuels success

And this is what I believe makes Pro different – and why we have continued to go from strength to strength during our 30 years of operation. But of course, none of this would be possible without the quality, expertise and dedication of our amazing people. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts and I am so grateful to work with such experienced practitioners and experts as we look to the future.

Whether based in London or Sao Paulo, our team members are the key to delivering customised solutions for all our clients; we consider each and every one of them as insurance practitioners and experts dedicated to improving our industry, and their happiness is just as important to us as our clients.

This is why going forward we will continue to offer an inclusive work environment, we will continue to break down barriers on gender pay gaps and diversity, and we will continue to give back to the communities in which we work – all while helping clients navigate the complex and ever-changing insurance landscape for another thirty years to come.

Thank you to all our partners and stakeholders for your continued support!

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