Cleansing Augmented Intelligence (CAI).

Transforming exposure cleansing through AI

Cleanse your data faster and more efficiently than you can manually with CAI

Digital transformation in the underwriting processes offers real and tangible advantages for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in your business. In an increasingly competitive landscape strategically applying digital methods to existing processes delivers an edge over those who don’t. That is why we have developed CAI – Cleansing Augmented intelligence.

Augmented intelligence is the true power of CAI. It can be deployed to analyse and cleanse huge volumes of dirty, unstructured data and automate processes to intelligently offer insurers better operational and business efficiency.

cleansing augmented intelligence diagram

Move beyond the traditional approach.

Data cleaning is traditionally a time and labour-intensive manual process with inherent flaws. CAI has been developed and built to overcome the issues inherent with the traditional approach.

Remove replication

Insurers will often be required to cleanse the same statement of values annually, containing almost identical data. Manual cleansing means having to scrub all of it every year, which is clearly a poor use of time and money.

Avoid human error

Any task undertaken by a person is prone to human error – the repetition of data cleansing increases the scope for mistakes to occur. CAI reduces that risk so that business can be written with greater reliability and authority.

Better utilise talent

Talented staff, whose job it is to cleanse data manually, are hindered in their ability to work on more valuable, revenue-boosting tasks. CAI takes on the laborious work so your teams can concentrate on driving insight & adding value.

Apply AI to your advantage

The benefits of AI enabled data cleansing in underwriting services are achievable now. CAI’s cleanse, enhance, transform approach enables you to make better business decisions faster and with more confidence. CAI lets you work smarter.

Better risk selection

Designed to empower insurers to leverage the data at their disposal to improve risk selection, underwriting and pricing.

Resource application

Free up teams and resource to concentrate on driving insight and value add across the business.

Greater data insight

Maximises the throughput of data, allowing you to unlock more quality data than your competitors can.

Easy Integration

Built in the cloud, CAI can be easily integrated into your current suite of software and processes, growing with your business need.

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Pro’s digital approach is the future standard.

In a market where new players are forcing traditional players to innovate faster, insurers need to process data and generate insight quicker than ever before. This is why integrating CAI in your underwriting processes is not a challenging process.

We offer both a simple software solution as well as managed services depending on your existing systems and requirements.

We understand the impact of upheaval and interruption to the business, so we use a transitional approach to ensure you seamless integration of CAI into your data cleansing processes. This is backed up by our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and support from our AI specialists partner Analycat.

This makes the process of moving away from resource-intensive data-cleansing practices of old to the future standard, simple with Pro.

Benefits of CAI

  • Improve your risk selection, underwriting and pricing

  • Free up your teams and resource

  • Maximise your throughput of data

  • Cloud based with bespoke outputs

You can deploy the benefits of AI enabled data cleansing to you underwriting processes now.

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