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Unallocated Cash in Insurance – addressing the problem

Unallocated cash, uncorrelated cash, unmatched cash, unreconciled cash… whatever you call it, it most definitely exists, and for many underwriters, reinsurers and brokers, it is a complicated and often long-standing, challenging issue.

The problems created by unallocated cash in insurance accounting are far reaching and can impact all areas of your business. Managing unallocated cash is therefore not only an objective for a sound business, but a compliance requirement too.

The risks that come with unallocated cash include:


  • Reporting inaccuracy – no matter what consequences arise from reporting inaccuracy, none of them are going to be positive
  • Issues with regulatory compliance – cash should be routinely documented and allocated
  • High volumes of unallocated cash – a red flag to auditors
  • Overstated liabilities and/or debts
  • Inaccurate reporting of aged and bad debt


  • Unallocated cash means that you will simply have funds that aren’t being used fully
  • Cash write-offs – which have a direct impact on profit
  • Heightened risk of making duplicate payments
  • Inability to identify funding
  • Ineffective credit control – which means you are unable to identify and chase unpaid balances
  • Over- or under-stated bad debt provisions


  • Confidence in your business – perception of financial integrity can be impacted by unallocated cash issues
  • Requesting refunds for duplicate payments – or chasing for funds that have already been settled – highlights cash management inefficiencies to clients
  • Late settlement of liabilities because funds have been misallocated – this can impact future relationships

Download our ultimate guide to unallocated cash in insurance.

In our eBook, we aim to give you a simple and practical project guide in addressing unallocated cash. The guide is easy to follow and, in addition to clearing historic unallocated cash by tackling root causes, it will prevent the build-up of unallocated cash going forward.

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Insights into how we resolve unallocated cash issues.

The following client scenarios give an overview of the types of processes we use and the benefits to our clients.

Unallocated cash underwriter scenarios.

Download scenarios 1 and 2 to see how Pro Insurance Solutions helped clients to unravel many years of data processed incorrectly or not processed, and support reconciliation to resolve the variances between cash and technical accounting.

Download scenarios 1 and 2

Broker related solutions.

In scenarios 3 and 4  we cover how a client who had set up its own broking arm to handle the placement of certain elements of their underwriting portfolio, lacked much of the infrastructure, expertise and experience that a traditional Lloyd’s broker can provide. Pro was therefore appointed to provide ongoing expert resource for certain functions and offer solutions to quantify and resolve historic problems.

Download scenarios 3 and 4

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Analysing existing approaches to identify the root-cause of your unallocated cash problem.
2. Resource
Review current resourcing and identify what’s needed to proactively manage unallocated cash.
3. Resolve
Build a bespoke blueprint to help you resolve your unallocated cash backlog and proactively manage it into the future.

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