Ceded Reinsurance.

Effective management of your reinsurance programs.

Maximising reinsurance assets.

Every reinsurer wants to maximise their reinsurance assets but not all of them make it happen. Through the effective management of your reinsurance programs Pro can accelerate recovery and help you get the most out of your reinsurance assets.

From the review and reconstruction of reinsurance programs through to dispute resolution and debt recovery or the day-to-day calculation, processing, billing and collection services, Pro can support your business throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Our experts have experience of a wide range of reinsurance systems and a proven track record in resolving technical reinsurance issues through forensic audit and analysis to identify any missed reinsurance and process improvement.

No reinsurance program is too complex for Pro.


Our Ceded Reinsurance services include:

  • Review and reconstruction of reinsurance programmes
  • Reconstruction of client or broker files
  • Reinsurance audits and process reviews
  • Day-to-day reinsurance calculation, processing and billing
  • Security review
  • Reinsurance debt recovery
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commutation

Working with you

We take a partnership approach – we’ll work as an extension of your organisation and treat customers and clients as if they’re our own. Whether we are supplying our own specialist professionals to work on secondment in your offices or managing an entire portfolio, we deliver the reinsurance expertise you need.

Improving your capital efficiency

We have the expertise to tailor cost-effective solutions precisely to your needs.

Promoting your reputation

We provide recognised technical knowledge and professionalism to mitigate queries and resolve disputes proficiently to ensure relationships are maintained and enhanced.

Partner with Pro.

Partner with Pro to maximise your reinsurance assets through the effective management of programs and by speeding up collection.

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