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We have the specialism and expertise to support every type of player in the insurance market.

Bespoke support across all specialisms

Specialising in (re)insurance, we support clients across the globe who require specialist expertise and capabilities to manage and resolve complex operational issues.

Pro supports organisations of all sizes and specialism, offering bespoke solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.


It can be a challenge to keep pace in an ever-changing industry. We design our flexible service around what you need. If yours is a young or start-up business, outsourcing can help you reach critical mass quickly by supplying the resources you need to achieve scale.

If you are an established operator, outsourcing can provide you with a cost-effective way to manage your resources and give you access to additional technical expertise.


At Pro we have been delivering a trusted outsourcing service to clients for more than 30 years. With access to our subject matter experts when you need them you can focus on core business activities and achieving your objectives.

We align our interests with yours, so you can be confident that we will deliver a resource effective and guaranteed high quality service.

Pro support Reinsurers
Outsourcing and consultancy services for Insurance Brokers


We support Brokers by providing flexible, scalable support in areas such as finance and compliance to help them operate to peak efficiency and service levels.

Today’s brokers face many challenges. With commissions squeezed in the current market operational efficiency is more important than ever. Increasing regulatory requirements outsourcing to us is a cost-effective solution for the management of your non-core activities.


Pro MGA Solutions is an independent MGA incubator platform providing an entrepreneurial environment for ambitious underwriters who want to make a difference. Our USP is applying innovation with focus on achieving an ‘end game’ capital event for each MGA cell, through shared purpose and aligned business goals.

Our platform encompasses a comprehensive range of services, enabling us to design with each MGA cell a support structure suited to their particular needs and geared to growing the business through the incubation period.

Outsourcing and consultancy services for MGAs
Outsourcing and consultancy services for Professional Advisers

Professional advisors

Finding the right resources can sometimes be an issue. Many tasks can prove to be time consuming, sporadic and need to be dealt with imminently. As it is not always practical for a company to keep large pools of resources, we can offer tailor made solutions to assist in these types of situations, helping you to scale up when required.

We can also offer specialist knowledge or expert witnesses in areas such as actuarial, claims, underwriting, reinsurance accounting and insurance practices.

Global locations.

We partner with clients around the world, acting for them across multiple markets, cultures and territories.

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We are Pro.


We operate a highly flexible resourcing model, providing support to some of the most forward-thinking insurers and brokers.


We’re able to see things through the eyes of our clients, thanks to strong working relationships, which allow us to take a proactive view of your specific market.


We’ve been successfully delivering policy administration services to clients since 2006 with expertise that covers all the core functions.

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