Complex German Liability.

Bodily Injury claims in the live and legacy business.

Bodily Injury Claims Services

Pro is the trusted service provider focused solely on the global (re)insurance industry. We are experts in the end-to-end management of bodily-injury claims, capable of handling every element from first notification of loss through to final settlement.

Established in 1993, our experienced and qualified team have been handling claims for over 20 years. Every professional has a wide knowledge base that spans each class of complex bodily injury claim.

Our team is vast, including lawyers, negotiators, mediators and business administrators. Everyone has an in-depth knowledge that enables them to inspect damages, evaluate reports, interpret legislation and ultimately determine the appropriate liability and settlement offer.

We also have a wide associate network that supplies physicians who can provide advice in specialised cases.

Our software platform, Pro Claims Accelerator can be supplied specifically for disease and illness claims. It rapidly streamlines processing & reduces manual tasks.

Pro offers a fully managed end-to-end TPA service, comprised of both life and non-life expertise.


Our claims handlers and lawyers are capable of providing:


  • Complex Liability Claims Non-Life
  • Complex Life Claims & Health
  • Accident Claims
  • Audit & Portfolio Analysis

Line of Business Expertise

Life & Health

Disability - Dread Disease - Critical Illness


Medical Malpractice - Bodily Injury - General Liability


Professional Sports - Disability - Personal Damage

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