End to end digital claims platform built for complex liability and legacy claims

Automating and consolidating manual processes

Pelican is an end to end digital claims platform built specifically for the field of complex liability and legacy claims. Capable of absorbing data from legacy systems, paper based and green screen systems, it intelligently links multiple policies from multiple insurers against individual claims. It automates and consolidates manual processes increasing claims handler utilisation and efficiency, and improves the claimant experience whilst reducing operational costs.

Our Pelican platform delivers:

  • Simple system that is exposure claims based, not policy based
  • Underlying business logic for exposure driven claims, e.g. multi year exposure to asbestosis, noise etc
  • Improved operating model, reduced reliance upon ancillary systems to manage / settle claims
  • Removal of duplication in multiple systems and subsequent removal of risks from input errors
  • Flexible MI tailored to managing run-off portfolios which can be customised for the specific client portfolio needs

Benefits of utilising Pro to operate Pelican:

Our Claims team utilise Pelican all day long, so why not let our experts who are familiar with the system do the work for you.

Take advantage of the operational efficiencies and economies of scale, improved financial planning and cash flow management.

Utilise the governance and oversight functions including enhanced security and disaster recovery options.

Partner with Pro.

Partner with Pro and take advantage of the operational efficiencies and economies of scale that our claims technology can offer.

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